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    Hey there ,
    I’m sorry I don’t speak Czech but I think this tool might help your users
    I used the Bitcoin conversion tool you have on your page here: bitcoinblog.cz/soucasny-pad-btc-je-podobny-tomu-pred-forkem/
    While it does a really good job, it did get stuck a few times (maybe with all the interest in Bitcoin lately, servers of Bitcoin sites get overloaded :)) Moreover, it is in English.
    You might want to add another Bitcoin converter to your page so your users can check both (this one even shows a different result at times). I can’t be sure that one is more accurate than the other, as both are fine. But with Bitcoin, there is really no “correct” or “wrong” rate as there is no central bank that determines it, so I think it is best to test both tools. And this one is in Czech 🙂
    I’m sure your users will find it as a nice addition if you choose to share it with them!
    I hope I helped back,

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